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To collectively make
1000 Paper Pieced Cranes to promote
and inspire hope in these unstable times in our history.


History and Desire of the Mission:

The tradition of making 1000 origami paper cranes comes
from the Japanese culture which says if you fold 1000 paper
cranes within a years time you would be granted
one wish or happiness and eternal good luck. The crane
is an auspicious creature in Japanese folklore
and is said to live 1000 years which is why 1000 is significant.
It has become common for groups of people to
join together to make the 1000 origami paper cranes in
order to spread awareness for different causes.

Our desire is that we as quilters will
come together to spread hope, linking hand in hand to make
1000 Paper Pieced Crane Quilt Blocks to turn into an amazing
quilt that will inspire people to stay strong
and hopeful in these perilous times.


Project Begins on September 21, 2021 - The Day of Peace

How to Get Involved:

Step 1:
Purchase a Kit from either one of the Kilauea Kreations location.
(Check for store hours)
Kits are $5.00 each
You can come in, call, or purchase them online

Step 2:
Make your paper pieced crane.
read the provided instructions & watch the Youtube video to help you along.

Step 3:
Write your wish, hope, or prayer on the provided piece of muslin.

Step 4:
Take a picture of your self with your block and post a copy to our FB or IG page.

Step 5:
Return your finish block and written wish/hope/prayer square.

Step 6:
Await the making of this fabulous quilt filled with hope.

Step 7: Stay connected through our Facebook page, Instagram feed, or our website.

Step 8: Share the mission with other quilters and get them involved.

Video Tutorial
With step by step instructions.

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